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Nella serie "tastiere", una gamma di frontalini compatibili con i controller RF Lutron Pico è fornita con opzioni di montaggio a parete o supporto da tavolo.


Le nostre placche a grandezza naturale che possono ospitare unità Pico doppie o singole. La nostra versione mezza misura copre un singolo controller.

Tutti i simboli di incisione sono selezionabili durante il processo di generazione del prodotto ...


La famiglia di CONTROLLI include coperture per tutte le applicazioni del piedistallo Lutron Pico.


Seamless Integration

Luhkee [ CL ] faceplates are specifically designed for the Crestron Cameo C2NI range, ensuring a perfect fit and harmonized integration with Crestron's keypads. The result is a unified and visually stunning solution that enhances the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your Crestron installation. With Crestron and Luhkee, you can expect a seamless and cohesive user experience and elevated design thanks to the outlets, access control, wayfinding & nightlights in the same style and finish.

A partnership like no other:

by joining forces with this first Crestron technology + Luhkee faceplate we have started a partnership that brings harmony to your projects. The [ CL ] series is the bridge bringing the technical side of Crestron and the aesthetic side of Luhkee together. Getting all the details sorted and have the firstborn checked and vetted by the Crestron team was an invitation to work on future products. we're proud to call ourselves partner of Crestron!


[ CL ] Fine Series


The [ CL ] Fine Series features thin rectangular buttons with rounded edges, allowing for customization with up to 12 buttons (6 left and 6 right), for Crestron Home OS projects the maximum button configuration is 8 (4 left and 4 right).. With an impressive 4,065 possible configurations, integrators can design a solution tailored to their specific needs. The status LEDs next to the buttons are fully functional, adding both style and functionality to any environment.

2-CL-33-S Satin Nickel Clear series 3+3 Square Buttons.png

[ CL ] Clear Series


For those seeking a sleek and minimalist design, the [ CL ] Clear Series offers square or round buttons with a maximum of 6 buttons (3 left and 3 right) for Crestron Home OS max button configuration is 4 (2 left and 2 right. Integrators have the flexibility to choose which buttons to retain, and the engraved icons are milled through the buttons with a precision of 0.3mm. These icons are then filled with resin to ensure long-lasting clarity. Once connected to the Crestron system, the engraved icons are backlit, creating an elegant and intuitive user experience.

[ CL ] Door Unit


The [ CL ] Door Unit, available with square or round buttons, presents a hospitality-oriented solution. By rotating the Cameo 90 degrees, the door unit utilizes backlighting for the room number on top, while the bottom part features 1 bell button and 2 LED openings for "Do Not Disturb" and "Make Up Room" functions.

3-CL-DU-S Antique Brass Clear series Door unit Custom room number.png
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