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Thoughtful is being understanding, anticipating and caring about what people need, where nothing is too much effort.

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Multiple faceplates compatible with international power outlets are available including USB, HDMI and Audio outlets. 

Our line is complementary to the components of Jung outlets. (not included; for Italy in line with BTicino Living Light)

Meticulously designed with the same proportions and material finish as the rest of the family, this range is to complete the visual comfort achieved by unifying various technical features in the same elegant style. 

The “RECEPTACLES” series is conceived  to combine multiple plates in horizontal or vertical alignment, according to user’s choice... 


Power socket faceplates compatible with international plug outlets from the international brand Jung (not included). For the Italian market we have aligned ourselves with the BTicino Living light series. Media outlets from Jung with the same elegant style and material finish. 

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